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To celebrate 10k #OBJKTS mints, @hicetnunc2000 and @DiverseNftArt are promoting a weekend of fun and celebration for all artists and collectors!

Join us in #OBJKT4OBJKT swap! Collect OBJKTS for free from any participating artist and build up a more diverse art collection. We believe by removing the monetization barrier this weekend it will help other artists and collectors to discover and build a more diverse art collection. We also encourage artists to talk to each other and exchange OBJKTS that they had already minted for other OBJKTS with a similar value.

We would like to kindly remind everyone to only take 1 edition of any artwork you collect. We will be monitoring accounts and taking note of anyone abusing this. We also suggest to the artist to write on their OBJKT description that it is part of the #OBJKT4OBJKT event so it is a giveaway and put "OBJKT4OBJKT" as a tag, in case it is put on the secondary market the buyers will be aware.

Friday March 26th ~ Sunday March 28th
1. Sign up on www.hicetnunc.xyz
2. Mint new OBJKTS for 0 Tezos (add #OBJKT4OBJKT tag)
3. Fill up the form beside with the OBJKT link
4.Share your OBJKTS on Twitter to help others discover them easier
5.Share, collect and discover!

Suggested tags: #cleanNFT #OBJKT4OBJKT #nft4nft #NFTCollector #NFTArt #NFTArtists #swapNFT #cryptoart #lgbtqia #bipoc #diverse #artists #WomenInTech #Tezos #XTZ #LPos #web3


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